Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 365!!! The end of A Year Without Shoes!!!

::day 365:: Wow! I can't believe it's already been an entire year! So many amazing and interesting things have happened in the last year, and I'm so grateful that I could do this.  I've experienced so many things and met so many people, and I'm  just very thankful for the people which were placed in my life in this last year!

On the business side of things, a benefit concert for AYWOS was held on Tuesday evening, and I'd like to say a big ole THANK YOU to everyone that came out! I know some of the music wasn't everybody's cup of tea, but I would still like to thank everyone who just to support AYWOS.  

Yesterday, I had a very cool opportunity involving Gazelle Sports, in Kalamazoo. They made a deal with me: If I would make a video of me putting on my first pair of shoes after my year in their store, with one of the sales people, they would give me a free pair of shoes! I ended up getting a really cool new pair of Vibram Fivefingers, which are the shoes that go around each of your toes separately.  They're really comfortable, and I like how they feel kind of like going barefoot.  It was a great experience too; everyone at Gazelle was great to work with!

We've been running some of the numbers for the final tally for AYWOS, but I'm gonna wait to tell you the official final total.  This is for two reasons: we haven't gotten a final count of the money in the church's bank account yet, and because we don't want to dsicourage people from still donating. I might be wearing shoes, but there's still plenty of time to donate before I go to Uganda and spend the money! We'd love to get as many donations as possible in this last week!

Finally, a lot of people have been asking me whether or not I'm going to continue not wearing shoes.  Good question.  I don't think I will, to be perfectly honest. I've loved this last year, and being barefoot is fun, and I'll go barefoot more often than most people, but I'm done with doing absolutely everything with barefeet. My outlook on shoes has changed entirely.  As weird as it sounds, its been so long, that I now feel like I GET to wear shoes, not like I HAVE to wear shoes. It's a little odd, but I've definitely missed shoes in the last couple of months.  I also think it'll make things a lot less stressful when it comes to things like restaurants and not having to worry about getting kicked out of places because of AYWOS. I hope you guys understand, it's a been so awesome to have so many people behind this cause, it's you guys that made this project possible! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

FOX 17 did another INTERVIEW!!!

So, earlier today, I got a phone call from Fox 17 saying that they wanted to do a follow up interview from the one they did in January.  So, a couple of hours later, they came by and with a camera and a microphone and did another interview in my living room! It's so excited, and I can't wait for everyone to tune into Fox 17 at 5:30 today, so we can watch the interview! It's gonna be really cool, and they've already suggested that we do another one after my trip to Uganda! So exciting!


There will be a BENEFIT CONCERT on Tuesday, August 14th. The cover charge will be $7.00 at the door, and it's a great deal! The doors will open at 6:00, and the concert will start at 7:00.  There will be six bands there, including two touring bands!

The bands are GATES, VASUDEVA, TIGER! TIGER!, GOOD WEATHER FOR AIRSTIKES, THE WESTBOUND, and COUNSELOR! For more information on check out their websites:

The concert will be held at the Plainwell Community Center, which is located at 798 East Bridge Street, Plainwell, MI 49080. For directions, click here. I should pretty east to find.  Please please please come out, even if you're not a big fan of the music, it would mean the world to me, and the whole AYWOS team if you could come and support us through this concert. Once again, the information is as follows:

A Year Without Shoes Benefit Show
Tuesday August 14th, 2012
Held at the Plainwell Community Center
$7.00 :: 6 Bands :: Doors open at 6:00
Concert starts at 7:00

Friday, August 3, 2012



Live broadcast begins Saturday, August 4th at 12:00pm and will end after midnight that night (12 hours). The grand total will be tallied at midnight and will be announced following. All gift card winners and contest winners will be announced during the final hour of the telethon. 100% of the proceeds go to A Year Without Shoes, the telethon organizers and sponsors will not be receiving any portion of the donations.

When you wish to donate, please call one of the following numbers:
Line 1: (269) 270-5610
Line 2: (269) 270-5654
We'll have people waiting to take your donation.

There will be interactive contests and segments, so call in and you may have a chance to be on the air and/or win prizes! There will also be a Live Chatroom during the entire broadcast, so sign on and chat with us. Click the link to chat.

There are three ways to donate.
1. Personal Check (made out to Freshwater Community Church with "AYWOS" in the Memo)
2. Online, secure donation
3. Donation buckets at Burdick's Wings West on 9th Street, Gazelle Sports downtown Kalamazoo, Red's Rootbeer in Paw Paw, and the site of the broadcast -

IF YOU ARE DONATING BY PERSONAL CHECK OR ONLINE DONATION - YOU STILL NEED TO CALL AND PLEDGE IN ORDER FOR YOUR AMOUNT TO COUNT TOWARD OUR TELETHON TALLY! The volunteers will provide you with all the information you need, and will provide you with documentation for your records/taxes.