Thursday, June 21, 2012


::day 314::  Wednesday, June 21.  I know it has been a while sice the last post!  The problem is that I don't have a lot to write about, and I don't want to sound like I'm constantly nagging you guys for money!  However, I still need to say that we're i need of your donations!  A lot of people have told me how cool they think the project is, but a very select few have actually donated money.  To those of you who have, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Even if it was a small amount you donated, it makes a difference, and it's the first step to changing someone's life.

Now Comes the part where I have to ask the rest of you for money.  Let's look at the facts here: for our grand total we need $7,500.  Currently, we have raised $4,500.  Yay!  While this is a pretty big number, I need you to keep in mind that that's how much was raised in 10 months.  Now, in the last month and a half, we need to raise $3,000.  I know this sounds like quite a bit, but believe it or not, if only 200 people donated $15, then we would have officially paid for the rest of the finances! Please, find it in yourself to help me buy these shoes!  I know this sounds like the classic "think about the children" ploy, but I really need you guys to remember that I'm not taking your money and using it for nothing.  100% of anything donated to A Year Without Shoes will go to funding the project.  If we don't make it to our goal (Please help this not happen!), then we'll use the money to buy as many shoes as we can, even if it's not 365 pairs.  If, by some miracle, we raise over $7,500, we'll buy as many shoes as we can, above and beyond 365 pairs.  I have no interest in taking your money, except to put to a charitable use! Once again, please donate here on the website through the easy to use paypal link under the donate tab or by writing a check to Freshwater Community Church and writing A Year Without Shoes in the purpose line! We appreciate your donation so so so much! Thank you, good bye and God bless.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


::day 301:: Sunday, June 3.  Quite a bit has happened with AYWOS in the last couple of days!  First I ran a 5k barefoot yesterday.  It was really fun, because it was a "mud-run," which means that the entire course was muddy, and that there were various obstacles throughout the course.  One of the best ones was a mud slide, which landed in a pool of muddy water. It was a lot of fun, and wuite a few people asked about the bare foot runner.

Today, I got to speak briefly to my church about AYWOS.  The majority of them already know the general facts about it, but I got to go up there and tell everyone exactly how much money we still needed, and where we'll be going.  It was really cool, and a lot of people were really supportive.  I have faith that AYWOS will make it to it's goal of buying 365 pairs of shoes!  It's going to take some work, and some sales pitches, but I think it's really gonna happen, which is really exciting, because we're already into the 300s! less than 65 days to go until I'm done with the year!  That's really exciting!

As always, don't forget to donate if you haven't already! It's easy top donate here on the web page by using the pay pal link under the donate tab.  If you would rather write a check, it should be made out to Freshwater Community Church with A Year Without Shoes written in the tag line!  Thank you so much for donating!