Friday, September 21, 2012

The Closing Ceremonies: Part 1

Wow.  I've been back home for two weeks now.  I guess I should feel like I'm back to my old schedule by now, but I haven't quite gotten there yet.  It's been especially difficult transitioning from "African Time", where things move at their own pace and aren't rigidly scheduled, to "American Time", where things move so fast it's hard to keep up.  But I'm keeping my head above water, and I should be able to make it (; So I guess what I'm saying here is sorry for not posting about this earlier.

To pick up where my blog post from Uganda left off...   Our second and final shoe drop was amazing.  We got to deliver 200 pairs of shoes to Early Learning School, an orphanage and primary school in Entebbe, Uganda.  The kids there had an assembly for us, which included a speech from the Entebbe Minister for Education, a speech from the Entebbe Minister for Health, singing, dancing, and tongue twisters. The children all wanted to participate in the assembly somehow, and a couple of kids got pretty creative. Hence the tongue twisters.  After that came the chaos of giving out the shoes.  Because Dan and I didn't have an opportunity to organize the shoes properly before we got there, it ended up taking two hours to pass out the shoes, because it had to be done in a very specific way, given our resources.  In the end, there were some very moving moments, and all the kids are getting the shoes they need. Some of the ones we ordered weren't exactly the right size, but we've made arrangements with Bata, the shoe store we purchased the shoes from, top get each of the kids the sizes they need.  It was really amazing to see all the kids reactions, and even more so the reactions of the teachers.  All the teachers were very moved by the whole thing, and many of them outwardly cried. It was so touching!

If you haven't already seen the pictures please drop by the Facebook page and check them out.  They turned out absolutely amazing, and it helps to show what we were doing over there!

So, total, we gave out 250 pairs of shoes.  We gave 50 to a soccer ministry in Guru Guru, we gave 50 to a school in a village called Bulenga, and we gave 150 to Early Learning School in Entebbe.  However, as mentioned before, our original goal had been 365 pairs of shoes.  At the time when we were making commitments to buy shoes in Uganda, we hadn't acquired all of the money we needed to buy the total number of shoes. However, since then we have received more donations and find ourselves in a position to buy more shoes.  The question now is: do we use the money to buy more shoes for kids in Uganda, or do we donate to a charity like Soles for Souls? We'd love to hear some feedback from you guys, and if anyone has any other ideas, please let us know! Best way to communicate with us is on the Facebook page,

I can't wait to hear your feedback and your suggestions! I'll be posting again soon, as soon as we make a final decision about what to do with the money. Alright, goodbye for now!

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  1. I think could be nice to save it for another year without shoes!!! and more people could be added to this!! :D think about it another year without shoes more guys barefooting for donating shoes to unshoded boys, now in another part of the world. México or LatAm countries.