Saturday, September 1, 2012


The last six days have been amazing, filled with meeting amazing new people, and getting to see a whole new part of the world.  The people here are the kindest, most genuine people I've met.  I've had so many great conversations with people, and I'm constantly learning new things about the culture and history here.

Anyway, back to business matters: We've decided to take a slightly different approach to buying the shoes.  Instead of purchasing them all at once, we've decided to buy them in installments, as we need them for each of the shoe drops.  Our first drop is tomorrow, and I'm very excited.  We'll be going to a small village called Guru Guru, and we'll be delivering an athletic/ academic shoes, so that the kids can more easily go to school and also play soccer.

Sorry to sign with so little information, but that's all I have time for now.  I promise I'll tell you more when I can and I'll give you guys a complete story when I get back state side. But for now, good bye, and God bless!


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