Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 365!!! The end of A Year Without Shoes!!!

::day 365:: Wow! I can't believe it's already been an entire year! So many amazing and interesting things have happened in the last year, and I'm so grateful that I could do this.  I've experienced so many things and met so many people, and I'm  just very thankful for the people which were placed in my life in this last year!

On the business side of things, a benefit concert for AYWOS was held on Tuesday evening, and I'd like to say a big ole THANK YOU to everyone that came out! I know some of the music wasn't everybody's cup of tea, but I would still like to thank everyone who just to support AYWOS.  

Yesterday, I had a very cool opportunity involving Gazelle Sports, in Kalamazoo. They made a deal with me: If I would make a video of me putting on my first pair of shoes after my year in their store, with one of the sales people, they would give me a free pair of shoes! I ended up getting a really cool new pair of Vibram Fivefingers, which are the shoes that go around each of your toes separately.  They're really comfortable, and I like how they feel kind of like going barefoot.  It was a great experience too; everyone at Gazelle was great to work with!

We've been running some of the numbers for the final tally for AYWOS, but I'm gonna wait to tell you the official final total.  This is for two reasons: we haven't gotten a final count of the money in the church's bank account yet, and because we don't want to dsicourage people from still donating. I might be wearing shoes, but there's still plenty of time to donate before I go to Uganda and spend the money! We'd love to get as many donations as possible in this last week!

Finally, a lot of people have been asking me whether or not I'm going to continue not wearing shoes.  Good question.  I don't think I will, to be perfectly honest. I've loved this last year, and being barefoot is fun, and I'll go barefoot more often than most people, but I'm done with doing absolutely everything with barefeet. My outlook on shoes has changed entirely.  As weird as it sounds, its been so long, that I now feel like I GET to wear shoes, not like I HAVE to wear shoes. It's a little odd, but I've definitely missed shoes in the last couple of months.  I also think it'll make things a lot less stressful when it comes to things like restaurants and not having to worry about getting kicked out of places because of AYWOS. I hope you guys understand, it's a been so awesome to have so many people behind this cause, it's you guys that made this project possible! 



  2. Sooooooo happy for you, so proud of you, so happy to know you! :D

  3. Keegan - You have done a very good thing. Whether or not you decide to wear shoes from now on is really immaterial so long as the lessons from your year "without" remain part of who you are. Remember to serve God first and always, keep your heart pure, care for the poor and outcast. I hope you get to go to Uganda and see those people whom God loves and that you can share His love with them.

    Your barefoot year probably helped with those things: being barefoot on God's earth connects you to His holiness; keeping the environment pure (and safe for bare feet); relating to the outcast when you were 'outcast' of stores and restaurants for being barefoot. Mostly, I hope people will see Jesus Christ in you and not just your bare feet. :-)

  4. Hey Keegan. My name is Tim, I'm freinds with the Walhs. Anyway. you have inspired me. I am going to uganda as part of a missions trip with the River Church on january 4th, and I desided that I am going to raise money by going 100 days without shoes. My blog is at I just thought you would want to know, and thanks for inspireing me.

  5. Well hello there! Im victoria Anderson and Im 15. On June 29 i was home alone and sat there wondering if there was a greater purpose for me not to wear shoes, go barefoot all the time. I typed in "a year without shoes" and the first thing that poped up was your blog I read the whole entire thing in that sitting. I then Looked at different websites finding the diseases caused by not wearing shoes and how kids are taken away their education for not having shoes. So I then sat on my bed and cried for awhile because i was so hurt for these kids then I talked to my Jesus, my savior for a while. I decided that it was something i really wanted to do and was excited! On July 2 is whe i took off my shoes (Im now on day 56!) my parents, friends, and family are completely supportive. This school year im being home school so the school factor is kinda out of there. I would love to talk to you more and know if it is alright with you if I call my journey "a year with out shoes" also. I have a blog some what started because i want to start campaining type things to raise money. But again i want your Okay before i start posting. Thank you for inspiring me!! You seem like a true man of God and im so happy for you! Heres my email if you have time to get back to me it would be great! Thank You Keegan :)

  6. Hello! My name is Emily Doocey, I am from Australia and going to do 'A year without shoes'. I'm 15 years of age and you have truly inspired me. I pretty much have the same question as Victoria. I would like to know if I could also call my journey 'A year without shoes'. I will start doing a campaign of some sort, I just wanted to get your okay first. It would be wonderful if you got back to me! My email address is I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for this opportunity, Keegan. :)

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