Saturday, January 14, 2012


::day 157::  Saturday, January 14.  Hey Everyone!  So, the Kalamazoo Gazette did publish a great article and picture!  I'm pumped about the publicity especially if it helps in buying shoes for kids in need!
    Funny story...the other night my sister and I were leaving youth group.  I was sprinting to the car because that's what I do in the snow.  (Sprinter in the winter!) A lady sees me and of course, asks why I have no shoes.  My sister decides to take the time to tell her all about AYWOS so I need to be polite and go back to talk to her.  Um, yeah, my feet hurt so bad standing outside chatting about why I was barefoot!  I'm normally pretty "cool" talking about it but this time I was FREEZING!!!  Thanks for stopping by!

Here's the link to the Gazette article:

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  1. Keegan!! You are a true inspiration! My name is Kelly Modena, and I work for a non-profit called Soles4Souls. I would love to somehow work with you! Our mission is simple: to collect and distribute shoes to those in need. We've distributed 17 million shoes since 2005!!! I would love to talk to you more about your barefoot experience when you have time: You are a ROCK STAR!!!