Thursday, December 29, 2011


::day 142::  Thursday, December 29.  Happy Thursday everyone!  Today my family and I visited the Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts.  I had a very close run in with some of the employees there, but after talking with the manager, I was allowed to stay in the building without socks or shoes on!  A big thank you goes out to Mark, and everyone at the KIA for allowing me to do AYWOS shoes without any hassle.  I'm really thankful and I thoroughly enjoyed my time looking at the art.

This was in the "kids space" of the KIA, it's a "nail-board", for lack of a better word,  lets you draw pictures or see your hand print in 3D.  As can be seen in the picture above, it's also useful for showing foot prints!  My mom, sister, and I became inspired and figured it was a good way to rep AYWOS.  Thanks for reading, and until next time, Goodbye and God bless =]

Monday, December 26, 2011


::day 139::   Monday, December 26.  Wow! It's been a crazy Christmas Season, and lot's of fun barefoot opportunities!  I've been lucky, because it hasn't hardly snowed at all this winter!  That's a pretty big deal, because here in Michigan, it's normally snowing by the end of December.  Despite the lack of snow, it's still getting very cold! However, I'd say that the wintery/Christmas Activities have been worth the cold!

First, I had the chance to go Christmas caroling! It was a lot of fun, and one of the first times that I wore socks as Alternative footwear.  I developed a process for putting on the socks. you put on one long pair of socks (for example: soccer socks) and double those over so it's like two layers. Then you put a grocery bag over your feet to make it water proof, and then you put on another pair of socks for more warmth and so you don't look quite as goofy by wearing grocery bags on your feet!

Last Friday, my family went to a zoo!  A zoo in the area opens up the week before Christmas, while most of the animals are either in-doors or hibernating, the zoo is decorated with lot's of lights for the Christmas season! It's beautiful, and my family has made it a sort of tradition to go!

Lastly, my family went for a run today!  Well, my dad and two sisters.  My mom decided it would be better to give us moral support.  So it was one of my first experiences with barefoot running on the road!  It wasn't  nice side-walk pavement or anything, but a country road with not-so-nice pavement.  It was pretty painful, not gonna lie, but I tried not to let it slow me down.  However, I think my feet are gonna be feeling that run for a little while!

So it's been a busy time, but I've had a lot of fun.  Of course, I've had my fair share of getting kicked out of stores, and lot's of people asking why I'm barefoot.  I think it's all worth it at the end of the day though.  I also added some pictures, just to give you guys a basic idea of what it's like. My foot prints in the snow, and my bare feet in church!  And as always, please feel free to donate with a check, by making it out to Freshwater Community Church, or here on the website under the donate tab!  Your support is very much appreciated!  Until next blog, good bye, and God bless =]

Thursday, December 15, 2011


::day 127:: Thursday, December 15. WE FINALLY HAVE A WAY TO DONATE ONLINE!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! My mom was so excited about it that she insisted that I make a video.  In full Christmas garb. So with a little on the spot coaching from her (you can hear her whispering!) we made a merry Christmas donation video =] Please donate online via our pay-pal, faithfully provided by the awesome Freshwater Community Church, or you can write a check and mail it to Freshwater at P.O. box 235, Paw Paw, Michigan, 49079.  Please, make sure to designate in the memo line that it is for A Year Without Shoes.  Your support is greatly appreciated!  Merry Christmas, and God bless =]

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


::day 119:: Wednesday, December 7.  Today was one of some importance to A Year Without Shoes.  First and foremost, I had to attend a funeral today, which resulted in my wearing shoes for about five hours today.  I contemplated not wearing them, but it seemed disrespectful to do other wise.  That brings the total hours to be made up at the end of the year to 57 hours.  Not quite to three days yet.  In other news, our Facebook page finally reached 400 fans! I'm proud of that number, but I think we can do better.  Share this with all your friends so we can make it to 500. As always, we're searching for ways to get our financial accounts up and running. We're talking to a new church, my old church to be exact, and I think things are finally leading some where.  More on that later. Until then, see you later, and God bless.