Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sorry to leave you guys with a cliff hanger for the last couple of days.  I'm not gonna make any excuses, except to say that I'm really inconsistent with this sort of stuff.  I'm thinking about changing the way I use this blog a little bit.  I'm gonna start only blogging about stuff pertaining to A Year Without Shoes.  I think that'll shorten things up a bit and make it easier to live.

::day 18:: Tuesday, August 30.  The day of our meeting with Mr. Schreuder, the interem principal..  It's pronounced like Schrader, just so you guys know.  Anyway, back to the all important meeting.  We, my mother and I, went into this meeting expecting to be shutdown, and told that the entire project would be a no go in the school.  We were surprised to hear that wasn't entirely what he was thinking.  He still wants to severely limit the amount of time spent barefoot in the school, which is not what i want, but its the compromise I'm gonna have to make.  He also had some really good ideas for getting the whole school involved.  Any students from Gobles High who might be reading this, watch out.  We're gonna have a lot of fun this year.  We might get to see some staff members join me in various barefoot en devours.  I'm probably going to wear some sort of "alternative footwear" during the rest of the time.  Right now, the plan is to make a sort of flip flops out of card board and yarn, like a kid in a third world country might actually do.  Other than that, my day consisted of a band that went terribly wrong with only two kids showing up. blahsdfh.

::day 19::  Wednesday, August 31.  Last day of august.  To me, that means the last day of summer.  That's incredibaly sad.  Anyway, I had another meeting with Mr. Schreuder today.  I gave him a list of compromises and ways to get the staff involved.  He said he liked what he saw on the list and that nothing was immediately a red flag.  He's going to look over it tonight and make any changes he thinks need to be made.  Tomorrow, he's going to discuss it with the staff and see if they have any objections or suggestions. My day was pretty fun.  I went to the beach in South Haven with my mom, little sister, little sister's friend, and the mother of my little sister's friend.  They're pretty cool, so it was overall a pretty good time.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Wow!  The last three days have been really crazy, and full of lots of up and downs.  When those things are added together, you get one very bad blogger.  Sorry guys.  I'm gonna try to keep it short, because so much happened.

::day 15:: Saturday, August 27.  My friend Scott and I got up early to go to our school's first football game of the season.  It was a really big deal because it's the 500th football game in our school's history.  They held the game at Central Michigan University, which is about two hours and forty minutes from Gobles. Scott had to drive since it was his parents' car.  We got there, and there were alot of Gobles people there.  The other school was pretty close to Central, and they didn't have hardly any fans there at all.  I think I speak for every Gobles fan when I say that was good game.  Gobles won, 63-6.  Yup.  We felt really good about that.  After that, Scott and I went to South Haven, where our friend Tucker's family is renting a beach house.  South Haven is a town right along the coast of Lake Michigan, for those of you who don't live in the area.  We had fun hanging out on beach and jamming with our acoustic guitars.  good times.

::day 16::  Sunday, August 28.  Scott and I woke up early for church.  We go to different churches, but we both had to get back to Gobles early to get there on time.  On our way out, I realized my iPod was missing.  I  decided I had probably left inside, and didn't worry about it, because I was coming back later that day.  I dropped Scott off at his house, and went to mine to get ready for church.  After church, and a church "family meeting" where the pastors discussed some stuff with people from the church, I went back to South Haven.  It's one of the most beautiful towns I've ever seen.  Anyway, Tucker and I looked for my iPod but couldn't find it.  Suffice to say I only had it for two days before I lost it.  Later that Evening, Tucker and I went down to South beach along the pier to play our guitars.  We only know like two songs, so it was really fun.  No one gave us money though.  Not really surprising. After that, I just went home and watched some youtube videos before going to sleep.

::day 17::  Monday, August 29.  Not a very good day.  At all.  This morning, I went into the school to have some changes made to my schedule.  While I was there, I talked with a staff member about A Year Without Shoes.  He didn't officially, but he said that he had talked with the temporary principal (the school's still in the process of hiring a principal, so a staff member took the job as a temporary until they hire the new one), and that the principal had said he had done some more research, and that he didn't think he could let me do it.  I have an official meeting with him tomorrow morning, where he'll probably tell me I can't do it.  We might be able to compromise with him. Here's hoping.  After that little discussion, I went with my mom to clean out her classroom.  She just got laid off from her job as an elementary music teacher.  We had to take all of her things out of the classroom for the next teacher.  Of course, she also had to say her goodbyes, and everyone said they were gonna miss her.  So that was kind of a double whammy.  By this point, I was kind of depressed.  The rest of my day has kind of felt like that.  I had to split some wood for a firewood and I had to mow the lawn, and it was just really tough to do in such a bad mood.  Then I had  marching band rehearsal.  Sometimes, I really don't like band.  I think about quitting every year, but every year I don't because I love music to much.  Marching just isn't any fun.  It just never has been.  Anyway, that's my bad day in one paragraph.  Hopefully I'll remember to write again tomorrow.  Until then, adios.

Friday, August 26, 2011


::day 14::  Friday, August 26.  Wow.  Today has been a little bit crazy.  Emotional, but in the best way.  I just got back from Indiana, where, as most you know, I went with my family to move my sister into her dorm at Anderson University.  Now, to the beginning of the day.  There was a breakfast for the parents of the students as well as morning sessions for the parents.  Obviously, my little sister Michaela and I didn't want to be stuck in a meeting for parents all day.  So, I woke up early and drove my parents to the breakfast, then returned to the hotel to catch a couple more winks.  After that, we, Michaela and I, got up and got breakfast.  At this point, it was around nine thirty.  Michaela and I have the entire morning and a car.  What do you think we do? Sit in the hotel and watch TV of course!  We were both feeling like lazy bums, and we didn't do anything.  After that, we went up to university to meet up with the parents and our darling older sister.  We went and bought her books, and did some other stuff.  Before we left Mackenzie at AU, we took her out to eat.  At Taco Bell.  We love that place so much.  After that, we left for home.  I have a question for anyone who happens to be reading this.  I want to know how you guys feel about me wearing socks in situations of relatively dire consequences.  Examples: going out to eat with my family ( this is not a regular thing at all, I promise.) when i need to go shopping for school clothes, or if I need to go into somewhere that doesn't allow bare feet.  I would only be wearing socks.  No shoes.  Is that ok? Leave me some love on my Facebook wall or inbox and let me know what you think.  Anyway, the rest of my evening has been pretty chill.  My friend
Scott and I are going to a football game like three hours away tomorrow, so I'm crashing at his house.  I got there, and he was off doing something random. So I just went into his house and chilled. We're cool like that.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


::day 12:: Wednesday, August 24.  Wednesday was a pretty chill day, and not a whole lot went on.  I slept in way to long, and ended up missing my piano lesson entirely.  My lesson was supposed to start at ten thirty and go until eleven.  Sadly, I woke up at eleven thirty.  Sorry, Ms. Westcot!  I promise I'll be there next week!  I didn't do a whole lot until around three thirty, when we went into the city of Kalamazoo to run some last minute errands for my sister Mackenzie, who's going to college in Indiana.  While we were in Kalamazoo, I got kicked out of two stores, and was allowed in two.  One of the stores I was allowed in was Best Buy, where I had my iPod replaced.  It stopped working several months ago, and luckily my parents made me buy a warranty.  I only just got around to taking it into Best Buy.  So that was pretty nice, to finally have my iPod back.

::day 13::  Today has felt really full and like I've done a lot of things.  In reality, I haven't done a lot of things, just a few momentous things.  I started the morning off with a three and half hour car ride with my sisters, as we went to central Indiana to move my sister into her dorm at Anderson University.  As soon as we got there, we started taking stuff up the four flights of stairs to her dorm room.  She's on the top floor, which means it was alot of work to move all of her stuff up there.  However, I give her props because she narrowed her collection of shoes down to 13 pairs.  Now, this probably sounds like a ridiculous amount of shoes to you, and it sounds especially ridiculous to me, since I'm going a year without them.  We have to keep in mind that she owns over 20 pairs of shoes.  We moved all of her stuff into her dorm and organized everything, and I think it's gonna be a pretty good room.  We also got to meet one of her roommates named Emily.  Emily seems really cool to me, and I think Mackenzie's gonna have a lot of fun this year being her roommate.  I know you guys probably get sick of hearing this, but I'm really gonna miss my sister this year.  I think everything we do is gonna be slightly different now.  Eating at the dinner table is gonna be quieter and less exuberant.  From now on, she'll only be home when she's on vacation from another home.  It's hard to think about.  Well, that was the past two days in a nut shell.  Hopefully you guys didn't get bored and stop reading half way through.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


::day 11::  Tuesday, August 23.  It's hard to believe the summer is almost over.  As I was writing the date for this blog, I got kind of sad, Because that means that summer is almost over.  After that, I'll have to wake up early, and go to bed early.  I'll have to blog at a decent hour instead of late at night like I usually do!  I'll have to maintain a regular schedule and focus on school work. I think I have a slight case of the Junior Jitters.  Junior Jitters: Nervousness pertaining to more difficult classes this next year and a realization that you're already more than half way done with your high school career, and that there are a lot of things you want to do before you graduate.  I started the morning off with an eight mile bike ride to the outpouring coffee house to meet up with a friend, Aaron Stafford.  Aaron leads worship at a youth group I briefly went to last fall.  He's a great guy and I really respect him.  He and I really see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, and it was really cool to chill and talk with him for a while about random things.  Very refreshing.  I love riding my bike, and a lot people ask me if the pedals hurt my feet.  My feet are so calloused by now that it doesn't really hurt.  After I got home, I ate lunch, and organized a band sectional.  A band sectional is a practice for similar instruments outside of full band rehearsal where we play and review our music.  Since I'm the low brass section leader, It's my job to organize the sectionals.  The sectional got down at around eight, and after that, I braved the rain and went to Scott's house until about nine fifty.  In Michigan, drivers under the age of 18 aren't allowed to drive after 10 o'clock.  When I got home, I had a late dinner, and now I'm writing this blog.  I'm doing better at the whole everyday thing! this is two days in a row =] ALSO:  The website is now officially running! I will be blogging from there from now on! Of course, I'll still be sharing my blogs on facebook, but for the real deal, go to Good night, and God bless.