Sunday, November 20, 2011


::day 101:: November 20, 2011.  Everyone!  We have officially broken the one hundred day mark!  That's almost one third of the way through a year!  Wow, time really flies, but at the same time, so much has happened in the last 100 days!  I'm just amazed at everything.  Thanks for your support through all this time!  We still haven't made progress on the online donations, but as always, you can write a check to Freshwater Community Church, and find the mailing address at

I also have one more item to discuss with you guys.  My sister and a couple of my friends have talked to me about ice skating.  I want to know your opinion on the the matter: Are ice-skates considered shoes? would I have to add time for wearing ice-skates?  Give me some feed back, I would love to know what you guys think about this!


  1. Hi Keegan! I think going ice skating still stays within the spirit of your challenge. You need to wear skates or you could get hurt. So I say enjoy skating but when you're back off!!

  2. I agree with Faith. Same with ski boots if you are a skier. Or snowshoes for an outdoor trek.
    Also, if people approach you and chide you or tease you for wearing skates or ski boots or whatever, it provides a perfect opening for a conversation about your commitment and its purpose, and to turn negative behavior into a positive by praising their passion for your cause!