Friday, September 23, 2011


::day 42::  Hey guys! So this week has been pretty un-newsworthy.  Lot's of normal stuff, homework, youth group, band.  My mom has been in conversation with a local area church about possibly being able to collect shoes to donate to Soles for Souls!  It would be really cool if they would help us out with that, because alot of people have asked about donating shoes, and I've had to tell them we cant.  Maybe things are changing now.  Keep you fingers crossed, and keep us in your prayers, I feel like God's got some sweet ideas for AYWOS =]

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  1. We did the Soles for Souls things at our church on a Sunday and had an *awesome response! They called it Shoeless Sunday and they asked everyone to come in their (nicer) shoes and leave barefoot. :) It was a ton of fun and the kids especially really got into it. Good luck!