Tuesday, September 6, 2011


At one point when I first introduce the "making up time" idea, I say barefoot instead of wearing shoes.  Just to clear things up.


  1. Wow ... I love your dedication! I think it is very comendable that you want to make up time, or even transfer schools! I think wearing shoes when you have to is out of your control and something as you said the other children in less privilaged countires face so it's making the experience that much more real! Making up time would be a good route.

  2. Keep your eyes on your overall goal, and not on side issues. Transcend the challenges that will be part of your effort to raise awareness and educate the people with whom you come in contact. You are at the beginning of this year, and it's way too early to do anything but walk on this path you've laid out for yourself, despite the tough ground. (I'm noticing that there are all sorts of metaphors/puns for walking!) Anyhow, working towards compromise just makes you wise; I don't believe you've explored all the possible compromises yet, and that has to be part of this year, too. It's not just about not wearing shoes, otherwise it would be just be about not wearing shoes.

  3. It is ironic that the kids you are trying to raise money for can't go to school because they have no shoes. And now you are facing the same issue. But a little different I guess because their goal is to go to school. And yours is to raise money to help them get shoes so they can go to school... anyway, here are two thoughts:
    1. Don't yet abandon the school that has shown support and is trying to work out compromise to help you achieve your overall goal. Wasn't there talk of teachers and students joining in and going shoeless at certain times or for certain events/activities to help increase awareness? Perhaps this is one way you could "make up time" with other people going shoeless with you and counting their time. It could grow community wide (a shoeless parade).
    2. As you expressed so clearly when I was visiting, the greater goal is awareness and provision for those who are without shoes. The "rule" of no shoes is not your boss, it is your servant. This roadblock may actually increase your opportunity to achieve that greater goal.